Cleaning Kit Trolley Mop Broom Bucket

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Name Cleaning Kit Trolley Mop Broom Bucket
Secondary Name Kids Cleaning Set for Toddlers Play Set
Code TOY-00379
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Kids Cleaning Set for Toddlers Play Set

Toy cleaning kit

In our offer we have various toys and sets. Because of them it is easy to connect good fun with useful task, for example by giving a child possibility to get use to the chores. If your little bunch of joy gladly helps you to clean the house, give to your daughter/son own equipment consisting of the most important elements. Briliant accessories creating toy cleaning kit are carbon copy of their full-size counterparts, so that a child could feel more independent and mature, cleaning with family.

Main element of our cleaning kit is a trolley on wheels, which is designed for storing the accessories and easy transporting toys over the whole house. Accessories which help in cleaning will allow for including a baby to the weekend clearing-up and copying parents. Little stickler for cleanliness will receive for example mop, dustpan and brush set, all of it made out with attention to the smallest detail.

Toy trolley filled with various tools to cleaning will be perfect as a gift. Spending a time happily on fun, child will learn how to correctly sweep and wash the floor or dust. Colourful set decorated with stickers will attract the baby's attention, encouraging in the same time to do the chores.

The set includes:

  • - colourful trolley on wheels,
  • - broom,
  • - mop,
  • - dust pan,
  • - brush set,
  • - bucket
  • - bottles imitating liquid and spray
  • - material cloth.

Dimensions of the set's elements:

  • - trolley: 26 cm x 45 cm x 36 cm,
  • - broom: 52,5 cm x 14 cm,
  • - mop: 50 cm,
  • - brush: 14 cm x 19 cm,
  • - dust pan: 17 cm x 5,5 cm,
  • - bucket: 14,5 cm x 17 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:

- 45 cm x 43 cm x 12 cm.

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