Adjustable Feeding Nursing Pillow

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Name Adjustable Feeding Nursing Pillow
Secondary Name Feeding Pillow
Code TOY-00560
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Feeding Pillow

This pillow feels comfortable and adjustable in height. New mothers no longer have to worry about how to breastfeed, both the baby and the mother are relieved.

Get the perfect latch with a flexible nursing pillow that elevates your baby to breast height, supporting successful nursing in whatever hold feels right to you.
A good latch starts by bringing baby up to breast. Lifting baby with a single-height pillow is limiting and can put moms in very uncomfortable positions. Our uniquely layered pillow easily adjusts, raising baby to breast with three elevation levels, and opens up more nursing-hold options to mom.
As your little one grows, change the height to adjust to their size. The flexible design allows you to breastfeed with baby across your lap (cradle and cross-cradle) or at your side (football or clutch hold). Football hold is a recommended position for moms recovering from C-sections as it keeps pressure away from the incision site.
When breastfeeding is complete, fold the pillow in half and secure with the colorful ribbon for compact, neat storage.

Main material: PP cotton
Item size: 66 * 26 * 12cm / 26.0 * 10.2 * 4.7in
Item weight: 1200g / 2.6lb
Package size: 33 * 26 * 20cm / 13.0 * 10.2 * 7.9in
Package weight: 1210g / 2.7lb

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