Washable Baby Cloth nappy

Washable Baby Cloth nappy (TOY-00300) Products
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Online Rs.525.00
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Name Washable Baby Cloth nappy
Secondary Name cloth diapers reusable
Code TOY-00300
Type Standard
Category Baby Products
Price Rs.525.00
Unit Pc (Piece)
Free Delivery?No
COD available?Yes
Delivery Time (Colombo & Cities)1-2 Days
Deliver Time (Other Areas)2-3 Days
Product Details

cloth diapers reusable

Adjustable Washable FREE size Comfortable Cloth diapers.

Washable Diapers
FREE size adjustable
Safe and Comfortable
Skin Friendly – No Rash
Eco Friendly
No Chemicals like Disposable Diapers

Colors : Red,Pink,blue,Grey,pruple,Orange

රෙදි වලන් සකසන නිසා සුවපහසු බව.
සෝදා නැවත නැවත භාවිත කල හැකිය.
රුවාගේ ප්රයමාණයට අනුව සකසා ගත හැකිය.
බිළිදු සමට හිතකරය.

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